Django 1.9 alpha 1 发布,1.9 新特性初探

Django 1.9 alpha 1 发布,1.9 新特性初探

Django 1.9 alpha 1 发布,这是 Django 1.9 的首个发布,是1.9 发布周期的第一个预览/测试包,供你探视 1.9 带来的新变化。更多介绍请看 1.9 alpha 1 发行说明

此版本已经完全冻结特性,计划一个月后发布 Beta 版本,再一个月后发布 RC 版本。

Django 1.9 支持 Python 2.7,3.4 和 3.5。

正在开发中 Django 1.9 将带来了许多好东西,主要变化有:

其它更新如:1.9 向后不兼容变化,1.9 弃用的特性等内容,请查看:开发中的 1.9 的发行说明

Django 是 Python 编程语言驱动的一个开源模型-视图-控制器(MVC)风格的 Web 应用程序框架。使用 Django,我们在几分钟之内就可以创建高品质、易维护、数据库驱动的应用程序。

Django 框架的核心组件有:

  • 用于创建模型的对象关系映射
  • 为最终用户设计的完美管理界面
  • 一流的 URL 设计
  • 设计者友好的模板语言
  • 缓存系统


As part of the Django 1.9 release process, today we’ve released Django 1.9 alpha 1, a preview/testing package that represents the first stage in the 1.9 release cycle and an opportunity for you to try out the changes coming in Django 1.9.

Django 1.9 has a myriad of goodies which you can read about in the in-development 1.9 release notes.

This alpha milestone marks a complete feature freeze. The current release schedule calls for a beta release in about a month and a release candidate about a month from then. We’ll only be able to keep this schedule if we get early and often testing from the community. Updates on the release schedule schedule are availableon the django-developers mailing list

As with all alpha and beta packages, this is not for production use. But if you’d like to take some of the new features for a spin, or to help find and fix bugs (which should be reported to the issue tracker), you can grab a copy of the alpha package from our downloads page or on PyPI. As always, signed MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 checksums of the 1.9 alpha package are available.

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